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Eric Morley runs away on doctors orders.

Now this is taking the proverbial.

The Rt Hon. Elliot Morley MP, who has been in a spot of bother over his expenses and in particular his mortgage has got a note from his mum letting him off games in school as he is being picked on by the big boys/a doctors note and has run away to hide in Turkey.

The under-fire MP, who is facing a possible police investigation into his expenses claims, told the Telegraph he had taken the trip on doctor's orders.

"I'm here for a few days because I'm ill," he said yesterday from Turkey. Evidently not that ill that it stopped him booking a flight, traveling to the airport and flying off to avoid awkward questions for a few weeks rest.

"I've got a doctor's certificate and I'm recuperating for a few days.". You can almost hear him bleating like a child saying "I can't do games, have a sick note Miss."

Parliament is due to break up for its 83-day summer recess next Tuesday.

Mr Morley said that Parliament had "practically finished", as there is little business in the House of Commons next week.

"I've had permission from the chief whip because I've got a doctor's certificate," he said.

Mr Morley was at the centre of revelations over MPs' expenses, when it was revealed he claimed £16,800 for a mortgage on his Winterton home he had already paid off.

He blamed the claims on "sloppy accounting", and paid the money back.

He later returned a further £20,000 of incorrectly-claimed expenses, meaning he has repaid a total of nearly £37,000 to the taxpayer.

Mr Morley said his illness was unconnected with the expenses scandal.

Eric who did his duty and attempted to shaft the Gurkha's is no doubt sitting on a beach in Turkey, drink in hand having his fetid cock sucked by a Turkish rent boy as we speak. No doubt the rent boy will be called "John Lewis" so he can be claimed on expenses.

Some previous on this lying hoon.

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Is the bastard a Jew bo?