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Well done the voters of Perry Barr.

1,500-signature petition calls for Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood to fuck the fuck off.

CAMPAIGNERS have collected a 1,500-name petition calling for Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood to resign following revelations about his expenses.

But as they tried to hand it in to councillors they were told that the only person who should read it was Mr Mahmood.

At a heated meeting of the Perry Barr Constituency Committee, former Labour Party member Bill Mitchell was told that it was not the right place to submit the document.

He collected the signatures around Oscott and claims voters are furious about the Labour MP for Perry Barr claiming £1,700 for nights in a luxury hotel with his lover.

Mr Mahmood has since repaid the money to charity and was unanimously reselected to stand for his seat at next year’s General Election.

The petition urges him to quit to give voters “the opportunity to elect someone they can trust”.

Mr Mitchell said: “People hate the culture of MPs claiming for everything on their expenses and the way that people like Khalid Mahmood have exploited that.

“I’ve come to hand this petition in and I’ve been told I can’t.

“They should hold a meeting of the constituency Labour Party so I can hand the petition in but they won’t.

“The people who have signed this petition are being denied a voice.” I covered this grasping hoon of an MP before here.

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