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Fabian Hamilton grasping hoon.

Leeds MP Fabian Hamilton has blasted further allegations over his expense claims.
A Sunday newspaper claimed Mr Hamilton, who represents Leeds North East, had spent thousands of pounds on 11 laptop computers over a four-year period.

The article also alleged that Mr Hamilton only has two staff, one of whom is paid for by the trade union Unite.

And it claimed that the MP had run up phone bills totalling £25,000 over the same four years.

But Mr Hamilton said: "I actually have six staff, five in Leeds and one in London, and none of them are paid for by Unite. They are all paid from the staffing allowance.

Some more on Fibian, sorry Fabian.

He spent thousands of pounds decorating and furnishing the “second home” where his wife and children lived in Leeds, before “flipping” his designation to a new London flat, which he then also did up at the taxpayer’s expense.

However, the MP did not mention the regular claims made for decoration, repairs and furnishings at the two properties, including the purchase of two televisions including freeview, an £800 bed, new windows(£1,104), a wardrobe (£439), and a Panasonic DVD player/recorder £250....

Plus he gets his utility bills paid unlike the poor taxpayers, and regularly claims the "free food" allowance - thats free food for him paid for by you.

Like other MP's our Fabian is also unable to push a hoover around the office and so claims cleaning of £120 a month.

No council tax for him as Fabian claims it back, well the poor chap has to stuggle by on a poor MP wage of £64 grand a year, bless him.

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