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Harperson, talks crap.

You have got to be shitting me.
'Families won't want to be lectured by anybody about how to lead their lives,' she declared.
Harperson said that! A Labour MP from the party of the snooper state, the DNA database party, that planned to lock folk up without due process, the thought crime party, the removal of rights party.

This from a party that has removed all tax breaks for married people, the Married Couples Allowance. A party that has removed mention of marriage from official documents and buildings like Register Offices, and consistently favoured single parents and individuals in the benefit system.

Three members of the Cabinet claimed for a media trainer to advise them. Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, charged more than £10,000 to the taxpayer for Scarlett MccGwire to offer advice.
Media training on the taypayers tab, and after £10K she still comes across as a weapons grade cunny.

Still she is right in her comment to William Hague, when she said there wouldn't be enough airplanes "for all the men trying to flee the country" if she became prime minister.

Harriet Harman hired Scarlett MccGwire for “consultancy” services on the public purse. Claimed for party political propaganda. Bought expensive gadgets including a rather nice £230 Canon Ixus digital camera. She also claimed for party political propaganda.

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