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Four council staff sacked over email.

Hat tip to the ranting king penguin for this one.

14 workers at Lancashire County Council were suspended over circulation of an email comparing the Holocaust and the Gaza Offensive. 4 have been sacked.

However, councillor Salim Mulla also sent out the email to 63 colleagues, but no disciplinary action was taken against him.

Blatant discrimination?

Nice to see that the oh so fucking efficient public services are pissing about in work with e-mails and political causes, rather than getting on with whatever it is that the over taxed taxpayers pay them to do.

Four down, just one looney councillor to go.

Oh I wonder if Polly Toynbee of the Grauniad still stands by her comment that:

Most people in the public sector are considerably more skilled than the average private sector employee.
When it comes to pissing the public about, doing fuck all, bleating on about how cunting hard done by they are for having to work a whole 35 hours a week, arseing about on Facebook all day in work or now sending e-mails on Gaza; then yes the overpaid nanny state cunts win hands down.

PS if you work in the public sector and are reading this between the hours of 9-5, then fuck the fuck off back to work.

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