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Ali Beheshti, another typical muslim enricher.

of our society.

A fanatic who once paraded his baby in an 'I love Al Qaeda' hat was yesterday jailed for firebombing the home of the publisher of a novel about Mohammed.

Sentencing Ali Beheshti, 41, and two accomplices to four and a half years, Mrs Justice Rafferty told them: 'If you choose to live in this country, you live by its rules.'

'There is no such thing as "a la carte citizenship" and, in your case, there is no such thing as "a la carte obedience" to the law.'

Sadly New Labour have molly coddled these Islamic fucknuts for years, created the ghettos in the inner cities, created the "I know my rights culture", created the victimhood poker game that rewards every percieved offence.

If he and his ilk are not happy best they fuck the fuck off to the Islamic Rep. of Ragheadistan.

Still at least he is off the streets in a HM Prison butlins holiday camp for a year or so, before early release an landing a job with some HM Govt quango or the Grauniad.

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