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Gordon Brown plans higher council taxes.

Yet again another stealth tax, work hard, get a decent place to live outside some festering inner city hellhole and New Labour will make you pay for independence off the state.

Home owners with views of any kind, patios, conservatories - even a bus stop nearby - could face rises of up to £600 a year.

Home owners face paying more council tax simply for enjoying nice views or having a patio or off-street parking.

Officials have secretly assessed more than 11million homes for 'desirable features' as Labour prepares for a revaluation of council tax after a General Election. Ministers admit the Valuation
Office Agency is building a huge database of all 23million homes in England.

Critics say the checklist used by inspectors is a manual for bumping up tax on middle-class households by hundreds of pounds a year.

Gordon Brown racked up the national debt to record levels, now we have to pay it all off. So yet again taxes will rise, no reform of the services, no better efficency, no cuts in waste, no reduction in the vast overstaffing of the public sector.

Maybe we should start our own US style tea parties? Taxed Enough Already.

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