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Moslem barbarians to now invade Scotland.

Alan Johnson moves the benefits bird table to Scotland.

Illegal immigrants who want a British passport will have a better chance if they agree to move to Scotland under ‘absurd’ new Home Office plans.

Concerns about a huge expected increase in the population over the next 20 years have forced the Government to propose a points-based system for those seeking citizenship.

The population of 61million is expected to hit 70million by 2029 and ministers want to make it harder for migrants on work permits to stay permanently.

Be prepared Scotland for moslem ghetto's, no go areas, and lots and lots of imported New Labour voters north of England.

Importing migrant voters one way of beating the SNP come election time.

There is only one way to control immigration, remove the benefits bird feeding table, no benefits and the barbarians will head elsewhere.

1 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

This is punishment on the us Scots for betraying Labour.

There's hardly any jobs here as it is for us so where are the jobs coming to come from to give to these immigrants. Are they going to discriminate against the locals?