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Jack Straw turns train robber Ronnie Biggs down for parole because he's 'wholly unrepentant'.

Fine, thats your choice Jack. But can he really justify that when as Home Sec. it was him who was responsible for allowing General Augusto Pinochet to return to Chile.

There were requests from several countries for Pinochet to be extradited and face trial for crimes against humanity. Pinochet was placed under house arrest in Britain while appealing the legal authority of the Spanish and British courts to try him, but Straw eventually ordered his release on medical grounds before a trial could begin, and Pinochet returned to Chile.

So aging British robber remains in jail despite not really being much danger to anyone at the age of 79 and in frail health so it is reported. Yet aging South American who it is alledged is responsible for multiple murders is allowed to go on his merry way due to medical grounds.

A case of tough on zimmer frame wielding robbers, not so tough on the causes of South American murderers.

I guess we can make all the judgements about Mr Straw from the "friends" he shakes hands with. See the dictator fawning hand shaker has a blog and I left the following comment some time back:
Jack, oh where to start on this. 12 years you lot have been in power and you have failed.

The latest jape or it would be if it were funny is that of early release.

Labour failed to get enough prisons built to house all the criminals going through the justice system. Okay they managed to stick some 3000+ laws an regulations on the statute books but as for actual prisons forget it.

Now we find that 50,000 criminals have been let out early under the “end-of-custody licence” (ECL) system. A system brought in by one unelected James Gordon Brown, just 2 days after he became PM.

But we are paying them as well. The way the system works (or rather doesn't)is they get out early and are rewarded for being let out early, compensated for "losing free board and lodging".

Now when I was broken into where was my compensation for loss of earnings due to having to take time off work, my compensation for lost goods?

None, oh they did catch him and he got a slap across the wrist, not even a fine. Me I got fined through higher contents insurance premiums.
Covered this on my blog post here. The net result was a total of fuck all, Jack loves his tractorstats but actual debate with the plebs an proles is beyond the cunt. Not a comment from him since March!....

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