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Jim Knight - The bad spelling ministers expenses.

After he moved Jimmy charged £3,996 for legal fees, then bought household goods including a leatherette shoebox for £14.99, a vacuum cleaner for £89.99, a wine rack for £14.99, an ironing board for £39.99 and an oven glove for £6.99.

Plus a bookcase for £59.99, corkscrew £4.99 and a salt & pepper set £9.99 as well as other items coming to £381.83p in total.

There is also a claim for £98 of linen.

Mr Knight, who also claimed £571 for a Dell computer, so not even a decent model.

Regular claims for food, utilities, gets his council tax paid and is also unable to work a hoover -even though he charges the taxpayer for one - as he puts cleaning down on his expenses.


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