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John Healey grasping hoon.

Another minister on the grab hJohn Healey who sees the taxpayer as a means of feathering his nest.

Mr Healey’s mortgage interest payments stood at £691 per month in 2008, when he was also making regular claims for food, utilities(water and electric), phone bills and cleaning as he if evidently to lazy to push a hoover around the office.

Whilst we have to pay the telly tax, this is not a problem for Mr Healey as he claims it back on expenses.

In 2007 Mr Healey claimed £1,431 to replace his front door. Plus £258.50 to paint the sodding door!

The taxpayer even picked up the £16 bill for two days’ worth of Congestion Charge payments made by his locksmith. Oh and least we go uncharged he charged us for the keys at £35.25p

His claims in the same year included £7,612 for timber windows, £1,317 for a bed, sofa and shelving units, £95 for a swivel chair from Ikea and £25.98 for four pillows.

He also claimed £129 for a television, having claimed £299 for a television two years previously.

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