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New Labour filth remove ban on Michael Savage.

Fromer postman and new Home (economics) Sec. Alan Johnson removes travel ban issued by Jacqui Smith.

WASHINGTON – Radio talker Michael Savage told WND he was "stunned" by the quick decision by incoming United Kingdom Home Secretary Alan Johnson to scrap his predecessor's list of people banned from Britain – a list that included Savage along with Islamic hate preachers and terrorists.

Savage had sued outgoing Home Secretary Jacqui Smith for libel for listing him, along with 15 others, as "least wanted" visitors in the country. Meanwhile, Smith's successor, Alan Johnson, called the move a terrible blunder and told the London Daily Mail he would scrap the policy of maintaining such enemies lists.

"I am stunned by this sudden sign of sanity in the UK government," Savage told WND. "But I won't believe it until they send a letter to me confirming it." Savage said he also demands an apology from Smith.

So are they going to admit then, that the travel ban was an error on the part of poorly trained Jacqui Smith and issue an apology? I wonder if Geert Wilders who was also this list has been also been removed from it?

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