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Only New Labour could be this evil. Tax on the victims of crime.

I read that:
"Victims of violent crime are to have their compensation slashed if they have previously committed minor offences such as speeding.

Individual payments to assault and rape victims will be reduced by up to £37,500 as part of a £25million public- spending cuts programme ordered by the Government, it was claimed last night.

Five million motorists could be affected - with magistrates fining up to a million drivers in a year and their convictions becoming 'spent' only after five years."
So you jump a red light, or get clocked doing a few mile/kilometer an hour over the limit. Then thanks to New Labour, being soft of criminals, thanks to their not building prisons, letting out repeat offenders early; you become a victim of crime.

Are but in their twisted, sick, worldview you are not a victim. Oh no, for you have a driving offence, therefore you should be fined, punished and well no doubt you deserved what ever crime happened to you.

In a classic socialist doublethink, you are also a criminal due to having had your automated speeding ticket issued. They see you as a soft target, someone who unlike much of the Labour voting criminal underclass, will actually pay their fines.
Under the new rules, a deduction must be made for any unspent convictions, including motoring offences, 'unless there are exceptional circumstances'.

Motoring offenders' compensation payments will be cut by between ten and 25 per cent - the same reductions that apply to hardened criminals.

New Labour happy to fund the lifestyle of drug users, see hardened criminals as victims and yet in order to save money they will be "tough on the victims of crime, tough on the payments to victims of crime".

New Labour prove yet again that they are evil fucking scum, not just the politicians, but also the one eye'd cunt in No. 10 and right on down to Labour voting cunts who read the Grauniad.

Labour and those who support them, showing their vile nature for all to see.

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