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Vile New Labour filth plan smear campaign on Army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt.

Soldiers are dying as Gordon and his minions wanted to fight a war on the cheap, far better in their mind to appease jihadists at home and plan ever more defence cuts.

So when a soldier speaks out, what do the ruling communists in New Labour do? Well smear and trash his reputation.

The story is here

The threat came after it emerged that Sir Richard is planning to write a potentially explosive book about defence issues after he steps down next month.

Relations between the Chief of the General Staff and the Government hit a new low after senior Labour sources warned the general will be “fair game” for political attacks when he leaves his post at the end of August.

His words infuriated ministers, and after Sir Richard’s retirement on August 28, some Labour MPs plan to raise questions about the general’s role in recent decisions on defence policy.
One minister said: “Once he’s gone, we can have a go at him. He can write his book and talk all he wants, but he’ll be fair game then.”

In retirement, Sir Richard is likely to remain a thorn in Labour’s side.

As well as writing a book about defence issues, he will be chairman of the Royal United Services Institute, a military think-tank, giving him a regular platform to comment on the subject.

So what with Gordon quietly moving back Damian McBride and recently wineing and dining Derek Draper, its business as usual. Full smear ahead.

Lets just hope that Sir Richard is not found dead after going for a "walk in the woods".

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

It's a shame people like Sir Richard usually wait 'till they've retired before they speak out. Still, better late than never.

banned said...

The smear campaign was obvious and backfired, we all know who the liars are and Lord Prime Minister Mandelson was forced to bitch-slap the smearies into line before they did any more damage.

Bob Aintworthy needs resigning.