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Any word from Harriet Harman on this?

A bill in the Afghan Parliament that allows a husband to starve his wife if she refuses to have sex has been published in the official gazette and become law.

Don't expect your local Labour MP to be raising this issue in the House of Commons, well first off the overpaid darlings are on their hols. Secondly it would look rather strange when the troops are supposed to be their in order to bring "democracy" and the rule of law.

I am sure it must please the troops to know that part of their mission is to prop up a government that represses womens rights, much like we were told by one James Gordon Brown that the Taliban do.

So if I have Labour policy right, the legal rape of women under Karzi's government is fine, yet the same laws under the Taliban is wrong?

The Taliban by all accounts are low life scum and yet the lot in power in that land seem to be cut from the very same cloth.

Maybe Mr Brown could take time out from his holidays to explain.

Oh an Harriet Harman, busy blaming the credit crunch on male bankers and banging on about sisterhood here in the UK, is very quiet on this subject. One would assume her to be making a lot of politcial noise about this, yet not a peep can be heard?...

Islamic law, marching ever forward into the dark ages.

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