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Lord Fondlebum attacks downloaders.

Labour plan to support business backers and pass ever more draconian style laws, thus making more of the population into criminals. Lord Fondlebum launched a crackdown on internet piracy just days after meeting a leading Hollywood critic of illegal file sharing.

The business secretary plans to criminalise the estimated seven million people - one in 12 of the population - who illicitly download music and films over the internet.

In what critics describe as a gross attack on civil liberties, those flouting new laws could see their internet accounts suspended and face fines of up to £50,000. It means parents could be thrown off the net even if it is their children are caught downloading tracks upstairs in their bedrooms, not them.

Lord Mandelson ordered officials to draw up the draconian regulations just days after dinner with David Geffen, who founded the Asylum record label which signed Bob Dylan.

The pair dined on 7 August at the Rothschild family villa on Corfu, while Mandelson was holidaying on the Greek island.

Mr Geffen, a top Hollywood producer who founded the DreamWorks studio with Steven Spielberg, has long criticised those who download music without payment. In 2001, he said iPods and other MP3 players were being used 'to store unpaid-for material'.

So now Labour are planning that should you download a track from pirate bay via peer to peer, you could face a large fine, criminal record and even lose access to the internet. No doubt to be stuck on the DNA database and be logged as a suspect by the uber-state.

Maybe Fondlebum is planning to extend this to stop folk bluetoothing music from phone to phone? After all its all illegal data transfer. Maybe spot checks by PCSO's and council wardens on the I-pods and walkman to check that we have all paid for every bit of music we are listening to?

Maybe a database of I-Pods, MP3 players and registration on another sodding database.

Gosh tell you what Fondlebum, why not just have HM Government snoops register and log every single PC in the land, with inspectors coming in to snoop on any potential illegal download. No need for a warrent, after all we have to support the friends of Lord Fondlebum, er, vital music companies.

After all, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

Here is an idea, why not play the fuckers at their own game. Record companies like Geffen happily stick the videos of their artists up on Youtube, so use the youtubedownload program an download the track an then convert to an MP3 for the player, simples.

Do take a look at what the http://www.pirateparty.org.uk/ have to say.

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