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Three drunk women chased and viciously assaulted a man they wrongly believed had wolf-whistled at them.
Richard Tailby, 22, was walking past a flat in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, with friends when one of the group whistled at a woman dancing by the window.
But Vanessa Delaney, 38, Claire Edwards, 25, and Sally Pawson, 24, sprinted out of the property and chased Mr Tailby into a car park where they launched a ferocious attack on him.
Edwards grabbed the innocent victim in a headlock as the trio knocked him to the ground in a hail of punches and kicks, Grimsby Magistrates Court heard yesterday.
During the attack the three women screamed: 'All men are stupid!'
Prosecutor Teresa Rae said: 'He managed to get up and run a short distance before they caught up with him and continued by punching him to his head and face.'
Mr Tailby suffered a bruised ear and eye, a cut lip and grazing and swelling on his head during the assault on May 16.
Fish factory worker Edwards - the only one of the women with a job - told police that Mr Tailby and his friends had been verbally abusing them and calling them lesbians.
But she admitted being drunk and said vodka 'made her horrible' and that she 'became violent'.
Delaney, who arrived at court swigging a can of beer, said she was an alcoholic and Pawson admitted she had been 'ten out of ten' for drunkenness.

There is a simple solution to this sort of shit, cut the fuckers benefits off. They break the law, they lose benefits for say 3 weeks. This is on top of whatever the courts dole out to them.

Second offence results in 6 weeks with no benefits and so on. Even the most dim witted, knuckle dragging member of the social underclass will finally see a light ping on between the Carlsberg sodden dead brain cells.

After all we all pay for the chavs to sit about drunk, cause trouble and for their housing, kids and plasma tellys. When they cause trouble we hear the "righteous" preach about the evils of poverty, the demon drink or whatever pet theory they put forward this week.

Should we as the funders of the tax system not have a say? For example good behaviour will be rewarded with a giro once every fortnight to piss away on fizzy larger. However bad behaviour, which leads to an appearance in court results in an unhappy chav with no money for cans of cheap larger.

For 12 years the inept fools in Labour have been in power and they still have no grasped this. Instead they have rewarded feckless behaviour and wonder why the streets are unsafe.

Were it down to me I would a 3 strikes and your out system. Up before the courts 3 times, then no more dole. Not reduced payments for six months, but instead not a copper coin off the state for the rest of their lives. Thats it, benefits off. They work or they fucking starve.

Seriously, the thought would send shock waves through the sink estates. I give it a month for word to get around and the streets will be safe again.

Once little Chantelle has been bleating on Jeremy Kyle about having not eaten for a few days, moanin after getting nicked for the 3rd time for shop lifting, bleating an a pissing about the 6 kiddies being taken into care. Bingo a fucking result.

Chavs learn to behave, maybe even learn to contribute something to society. The rest can fucking starve, natural selection in action. They can not learn, therefore why should we as a society feed, clothe and house those who attack us at every opportunity?

The thought of a few half starved feral chavs hunting stray dogs in the local crack house for food would amuse me, oh and having to give blow jobs to old queens in the toilets for a vitamin C injection!

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Mick said...

Hear hear. If only those clowns in Westminster could be so practical.

The causes of crime are criminals. Lefties like to prattle on about old men stealing loaves of bread to survive but away from the sociology sessions we see who the real villains are.

Chav vermin don't just keep themselves on the dole queue. I was made redundant some time back and I couldn't help myself find more work because I was contantly harassed by the neighbour and her chav vermin friends. I wasn't allowed to sleep, was assualted and threatened and the authorities were very limp wristed so nothing got done.

If these scum were made to work they would be kept too busy and tired to cause trouble in their own time. But I think that as no decent employer would have them they should still be on benefits but only if they toil for 12 hours a day. Let's have them cleaning toilets or digging ditches or anything else that 'the lazy british public won't do'. (That would also cure our apparent need for swarms of unskilled migrants too).

(PS - you mis-spelled the word lager by the way.)