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Ugly Bags - To be used on female New Labour MP's.

We all know that former Home Sec. Jacqui Smith MP's husband a jolly old time viewing porn and his wife stuck the porn films on her expenses, thankfully with this "Ugly Bag" he will be able to leave the porn alone and preform his husbandly duties.

Hopefully this will catch on and Harriet Harman will actually get a long overdue servicing, Margaret Beckett MP's partner had best use two bags as directed.

Many of the misnamed "Blair Babes" -Blair hounds would have been more accurate - will find their sex lives perk up, who knows they may even rediscover the concept of being nice and not authoritarian dourfaced cuntbags.

Who knows even New Labour Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy will be getting a shag with the "Ugly Bag".**
**Not likely I know but there is a faint hope, right up there like me winning the National Lottery.

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