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Damien Green & DNA.

POLICE have deleted the fingerprints and DNA of a Tory MP arrested in a whistleblower row from their national database, it has emerged.

Damian Green – who was arrested last November over Whitehall leaks but released when no charges were brought – was told of the move after Scotland Yard wrote to his solicitor.

But he questioned why his DNA profile had been wiped out while millions of others remained on the Police National Database.

Mr Green, the Shadow Immigration Minister, said: “I want every innocent person, who has been arrested and whose records are being wrongly held, to be treated the same as me.”

Mr Green’s arrest sparked a major row over heavy-handed policing after detectives raided his home and House of Commons office.

Compare that with the authoritarian snooper state voice of New Labour, Paul Flynn ever the idiot shows he has no grasp of the concept of innocent until proven guilty.
All criminals start out being innocent. The DNA database works well if there are millions recorded on it. Innocence of one crime is no guarantee for crime-free future conduct. I would be very happy to have my DNA on police files. I have nothing to fear because I do not plan to commit any crimes. Where is the harm of having details on file?
So having been arrested, then found not guilty the state should hang onto your DNA just in case you should choose to commit a crime at some future point? Gosh how very 1984.
There will now be a stampede of the innocent and the guilty to get their records destroyed. The certain result will be that some future crimes will not be solved.
No, you utter arse, the European courts have stated that innocent people should not have their data held and the guilty - many of whom have had their DNA taken for minor offences should also be removed.

Thankfully come election time Mr Flynn will be off to the OAP home for the terminally bewildered, that day can not come soon enough. Newport deserves better than him.

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