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New Labour Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy MP.

I see that the MP for Mogadishu East has blocked me from following her twits, or is it twats? As I decided for the first time in days to look at Twitter.

I can but assume that comrade Kerry has her underwear(claimed on expenses probably) all in a knot over bloggers mocking her.

I thought it best to grab a screen capture as you know what doubting Thomas's these champagne socialists in New Labour are.

On well, as heartbroken as I am I shall just have to carry on mocking this New Labour Twat(ter) Czar.

Expect New Labour Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy MP to do her best in denying everything, claiming that Gordon is God and Tories eat babies; up as well as her crying about being hard done by. Much like she says nothing with regards her expenses.


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