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Dumbing down: Education under New Labour gives certificate for catching a bus.

Anyone can get an educational qualification.
Teenager given 'council certificate for getting on bus in Greater Manchester'
Brilliant, at a stroke the entire land will get certificates, making us the most educated people in the World. All hail the genius of Cyclops Brown.
The 15 year-old got the certificate from exam board AQA after attending a three week holiday scheme run by Bury Youth Services earlier in the summer.

Some of Bobby's friends also received the qualification although others, including Bobby's younger brother Joe, 13, missed out it.

The teenager, from Bury, Greater Manchester, wasn't even aware he had sat the test and admitted he was surprised to be awarded the certificate.

Entitled "Using Public Transport (Unit 1)" it recognised, amongst other skills, his ability to:
  • Walk to the local bus stop.
  • Stand or sit at a bus stop and wait for the arrival of a public bus.
  • Sit on the bus and observe through the windows.
Can't wait for mine to come through the post, I wonder if they do one for watching telly?

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