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EU review cancelled due to lack of interest.

Back in 2005 Tony "Pasha" Blair accepted a reduction in the UK budget rebate in return for a complete review of all EU spending.

All that happened was that the UK rebate was slashed and now the promised review is not going to happen either:
"the full and wide-ranging review" of EU spending promised to Mr Blair for this year is being abandoned because officials fear that it would be too contentious - and would disrupt other work which they regard as more important.... the review, already delayed by several months, has now been cast into serious doubt because of a crowded and sensitive political timetable for the European Commission, which must make the initial proposals. "
But it is not all bad news, aside from being a piss poor deal that shows how poorly Blair and his unelected follower Cyclops deal with the EU.

So where is the good news, well I am sure that New Labour Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy MP, will do her best to get the message across via Twatter. Explain in her own dim way how absolutley spiffing the EU is, deny all problems like the EU accounts not being signed off for years.

Just don't expect anything on her crying about being hard done by. Much like she says nothing with regards her expenses.

The voters of Mogadishu East Bristol would expect nothing less from her....

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