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Paul Flynn is an inept coward and a lying cock.

There is now a Facebook group where I cover the lying coward, the snivelling amoral expenses grasping rat that disgraces the office of MP.

Flynn is a coward, why? Well he is happy to bleat about UK papers "making up" stories on MP expenses and at the same time to cherry pick figures for use on his piss poor webshyte. Yet put his expenses on his website and the craven coward deletes the comments.

Before any asks, yes I even have screen prints of that and can back that up.

His expenses I have covered in depth and shows that he is happy to rob the taxpayers of this land to keep himself in a champagne lifestyle.

Lying well thats easy to prove, his constant spinning of facts, his avoidance of the offer to a free debate - any time, any place Flynn - oh and that libel case he lost a few years back and had to stick up a grovelling apology on his website; aside from paying out damages that is.

Some more on this vile and disgusting MP:
Paul Flynn on why freeing a Libyan terrorist is not an issue.
Paul Flynn on why the state having your DNA is a good thing.
I lay a challenge as yet unanswered by the snivelling, spineless craven coward to debate his graft, sleaze and legalized theft of public funds.
Paul Flynn deleting comments off of his site, an inconvenient truth methinks as well as his expenses.
Flynns piss poor webshyte sinks on Wikio.
Denial about moslem ghettos here in the UK, oh and Mr Flynn's home address.

Hat tip to English Rose for the vampire pic. I added it to the old Salems Lot DVD cover. With no debate and Pravda style sensorship has Mr Flynn all but given up?

Newport deserves so much better than him.

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