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Fined for taking too long to clean up pet's mess.

Well done Mr Lindsay.
A dogowner was fined for being too slow to pick up his pet's mess.

Christopher Lindsay, 49, was stopped by 'over-zealous' dog wardens as he walked just five yards to his car to fetch a plastic bag to clean up after his dog, Bono.

Although Mr Lindsay explained what he was doing, the officials ruled he spent too long and so handed him a £75 fine.

But the matter ended up in court after Mr Lindsay contested the penalty.

The trial cost £1,000, but the case was thrown out by magistrates who ruled Mr Lindsay had every intention to clear up after his German shepherd.

Good man himself, all it takes is people like him who are not prepared to bend over and take shit from petty minded jobsworths.

I have and will continue to carry on saying that the legions of pointless underwear sniffing Quislings, the paperclip counting PCSO's and other assorted pointless bean counters, wardens, dog shit inspectors; an curtain twitchers on council payrolls are a total and utter waste of cash.

A shame that the dog did not take a bite out of the warden, that said who knows what the poor animal might have caught!

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JPT said...

Good old CPS eh?