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New Labour dancing Czar & some abuse of tosspot Andy Burnham.

Talk about a government puffing out its last gasps, as it lays on the cancer ward waiting to die.
Arlene Phillips is fronting a dance champions group that will try to improve the nation’s fitness levels in the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics.

She will join former Strictly contestants such as Lisa Snowdon in promoting mass open-air dances.

Miss Phillips said: ‘In China, where in open spaces people join in and take tai chi with the masses, it’s there, it’s available.

‘What I am hoping is that we are going to find enough accessible and open spaces for people to take classes and make it free and make it accessible.

‘People will do things if they are there and they are easy, like brushing your teeth.
‘We have to set up centres, we have to find places where people can just walk to get where they can dance.

‘We have to make it free, we have to make it fun and we have to make it part of people’s daily lives.’

So the economy is in ruins, thousands losing their job each day, we have an over stretched army suffering from Bob Ainsworth being in charge of it. But, lets not worry a few dance lessons will sort everything out.

Announcing the dance champions as part of the Government’s wider campaign to get the nation more active, Health Secretary Andy Burnham said yesterday the UK must move from ‘relegation candidates to play-off contenders’ when it comes to taking exercise.

Still this is a grafting little spiv who is stuck his hand in the taxpayers back pocket to the tune of 16k on expenses. A tosspot who voted against the gurkhas being allowed to settle, a waste of human skin who left official documents on the train.

Still this is the hoon who has a mouth like a fishwife and spead tales on Shami Chakrabarti, who gets the Koran put on the top shelf

Blows a huge amount on a nosh up meal whilst his government thorws workers on the scrapheap. A whole 60K on a meal. Thats £60,000 quid on a meal for champagne swilling socialists who are happy for the poor to starve here whilst they have huge blowout meals.

An idiot who wanted age ratings on the internet, its all about censorship ya know.

Plus his daft idea on turning churches with low attendance into gyms, restaurants and multi-faith centres. His comments follow his suggestion earlier this month that libraries could benefit from being modernised with coffee bars and abolishing the silence rule. I covered this here. Plus Burnham happily robbed the taxpayer yet again, taking money to give up a cheap rent deal.

Lastly I shall come to Burnhams piss poor comment re the NHS and defending it. He called Hannans words an insult, no the system is bloated and in need of reform you cock.

Just fuck off and die Mr Burnham, seriously just fucking die you utter tosser.

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