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A good old political sex story.

What with all the MP's stealing money, its rather nice to see a good old fashioned political sex story make the news.
A Lord Mayor's husband has been forced out of the Labour Party after he drove a woman 20 years his junior to a budget hotel to have sex.

Norman Packer, 57, claims he suffered a 'last minute crisis of confidence' and did not go ahead with the plan.

But the woman, another Labour member, insists they made love and - wracked with 'embarrassment and disgust' - later made a formal complaint to party officials.

Mr Packer was suspended by the party and quit in July before an inquiry into the matter could be completed.

He is the husband of Jeannie Packer, 46, who was installed as Lord Mayor of Nottingham in May. As consort, he was supposed to support her at civic events and receive visiting dignitaries.

The woman, 38, who would not be identified, told the Daily Mail that she became friendly with Mr Packer through the city Labour Party.

They went on to work alongside each other as volunteer tour guides at the city's historic Council House, and regularly shared lifts to work....

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