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How much should MP's be paid.

One penny an thats it. No expenses, no wage. Screw em.

They should get that not deserving of anything more, an I feel in a generous mood today in saying that much.

Considering their habit of voting for the party, rather than with what people actually want. Then we have the ranks of dismal, tedious speakers, the clones who rubber stamp whatever is dangled before them, the non jobs on the labour benches, the graft, sleaze and out and out bungs taken by the Rt Hon. wankers.

Are they worth anything? Well lets have a look at the problems:
Unemployment = their fault. Iraq and Afghanistan = their fault. Public sector debt = their fault. Immigration = their fault. Crime = their fault. You think of a problem and think of how little your time serving hat stand MP has done to resolve it.

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