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Gordon Brown to pull gold teeth from grannys dead corpse.

Gordon plans to tax the estates of the dead...When a relative dies, and leaves an estate worth more than £325,000, families are required to pay tax on a proportion of the money and property left to them within six months. After that, they are charged interest.

Since inheritance tax was introduced three-decades ago, the rate has always been held at a relatively low level.

But now the taxman has decided to raise the interest charge to penalise late payers in a move that could raise £10 million.

At the same time, however, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has lowered the rate it itself pays in interest when it returns overpayments made on inheritance tax bills.

The rate charged for failing to pay an IHT bill within the six month deadline will increase from 0 per cent to 3 per cent next month.

In a statement PM Gordon Brown said "I have cunted up the economy, tried to blame everyone else and screw it, they are dead so won't vote Labour."

Chancellor Alistair Darling said "I am considering digging up corpses and pulling the gold teeth out."

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