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Iceland - Sack Kerry Katona.

Well as relieved as I am no longer to see this woman screeching on the piss poor Iceland telly adverts, whilst gurning inanely at the camera; I happen to think that Iceland have also made a mistake.

She has been sacked as she is no longer considered to be a role model. Well yes, I can see the logical reason behind that.

A production line baby producing chav who has 4 kids by two fathers, who has a drug habit that probably funds a large part of the Columbian FARC movement. A woman who has been seen to blow vast amounts of cash on blow; who has had every seedy aspect of her life sold for more cash to the cheopo chav magazines for wads of cash.

However having wandered around Iceland and seen the large number of chavs stocking up on lard burgers, I happen to think that in a way they have also misjudged their core demographic.

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