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Labour filth MP's plan to smear Gen. Dannatt again, a new labour leopard can not change its spots.

Gosh filthy Labour plan to use smear tactics against Gen. Dannatt. What a surprise. Someone speaks out against the party line and they decide to throw smears, lies and shit at them.

Vile and evil to the core, the filth that pass themselves off as government MP's see the sewer as the way to resolve problems.

Example One. Lying expense fiddling Welsh windbag Paul Flynn stuck the knife in on his webshyte:
General Dannatt's accusations are boomeranging back at him.

He is now accused of choosing the wrong road vehicles and helicopters. It was at a private meeting of the UK Defence Forum that he delivered his first attack on the Government three weeks ago. Lord West was the speaker last week and I asked him some unanswerable questions about our current mission impossible.
I reported on Labour filth planning this here.

Mind you the evil scum of Labour have long had it in for the General as he has attacked them before.
Defence Secretary Des Browne faced fresh anger over soldiers' pay last night after suggesting their low wages are justified because many would fail to get better-paid jobs outside the Army.

Mr Browne said young recruits were not paid as much as 'uniformed organisations in civilian street' because they lacked the qualifications needed for other jobs.

In a speech to the Royal British Legion's Scottish annual conference last June, Mr Browne also claimed military service made soldiers 'more employable'.

Although his comments went unnoticed at the time, they emerged yesterday as the conference's minutes were presented to this year's meeting in Perth.

The Royal British Legion attacked the remarks as 'deeply offensive', claiming they portrayed troops as 'too dim' to work as traffic wardens, police or firemen.

It comes just a day after General Sir Richard Dannatt, the head of the Army, complained that soldiers who risk death or injury on the front line are paid less than traffic wardens back home.

A young infantry soldier deployed to Afghanistan will earn £16,227, with operational allowances taking his pay to just over £20,000. That is less than the average £20,526 salary for traffic wardens.
The latest smears as reported in the Mail:

Labour Ministers have launched a series of Freedom of Information requests against Army boss General Sir Richard Dannatt in an attempt to smear him days before he retires.
The respected general, who last night repeated calls for more help for British troops in Afghanistan, has come under fire from ministers for his outspoken views on the government's under-resourcing of the war effort.

General Dannatt, 58, has 20 days to answer the information requests, which senior MPs hope will expose big entertainment bills at the Army boss's home in Kensington, West London.
The smear campaign is reportedly being lead by a minister who this week called the Chief of the General Staff a 'complete b*****d', and has repeatedly clashed with the Army boss.

Expect lots of lies, spin and "reporting" by MP's and for the lowest labour turd in Wales, Paul Flynn MP to do his duty for the party on his webshyte.

The fuckers have not changed or learned a single lesson from Derek Draper and cunts like him.

Over to New Labour Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy MP, who will do her best in spreading the smears. Whilst crying about her being hard done by. But keep quiet with regards her expenses. She also hates private schooling. Hat tip to Dazed an confused for the pic.

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