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Janet Dean MP - Grasping New Labour hoon.

I see that Janet Dean is standing down as Labour MP, and the candidate Ruth Smeeth put this on her website.
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The Burton Constituency Labour Party would like to support those MPs who have not abused the parliamentary expenses system, including our own MP Janet Dean.
So lets have a look shall we.

In her additional costs allowance, she claimed for a microwave oven £40, a vacuum cleaner at £145, £22.98 on rugs. Plus £15.99 for a fan heater, £14.99 for a toaster(well we can't have Rt Hon. MP's going hungry now can we?). Oh and she claimed a mere £60 to dispose of old furniture from second home in London.

Still unlike many other MP's she did not shaft us for cleaning, seems there is one MP who maybe does know how to push a hoover about the office, even if we did pay for the sodding hoover in the first place.

As well, she also claimed back her council tax, utility bills(electric/gas/water etc). Oh and the telly licence, all things that the rest of us poor taxpayers have to pay.

Plus she helped herself on a few occasions to the free food allowance, I mean of course free for MP's and paid for by you.

Her communications allowance shows £2005.44 spent on "news leaflets", in short propaganda on the part of the MP.

If backbench MP's paid their utility bills out of their poor wage of £64 grand a year they might be a bit more concerned with doing more to keep the costs down on the utilities for the rest of us.

Not as bad as many, but still taking the piss with regards public money. Still a grasping hoon in my book.

Lastly I shall take a look at her voting record:

She voted against the Gurkhas being allowed to stay. She also showed herself as a yellow bellied turncoat in the case of Gary Mckinnon, signing an EDM on his behalf an then voting with the government.

Worse she signed EDM 2041 remembering the 40th anniversary of mass murdering scumbag Che Guevara. A man who has had his past airbrushed, no mention these days of Che having homosexuals jailed and killed and slaughtering opponents without due trial.

Janet Dean also signed a EDM 982, a bit of leftie socialist flag waving for mass murderer Fidel Castro. Best not mention the dissidents rotting in Cuban gulags like Mr Normando Hernández González. Jailed for crimes like free speech, wanting the right of expression, opposing the one party state; things New Labour filth like Janet would like to see removed from the UK.

Like champagne socialists everywhere, Janet thinks that socialism starts at home and voted to keep the cushy 2nd home allowance.

She also voted for locking folk up without due process for 42 days. Fidel & Che would be ever so proud of her.

Oh and lastly she loves the idea of us having to carry ID cards.

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