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Lord Fondlebum & Gaddaffi Jnr.

Well hot on the heels of Lord Fondlebum meeting the head of Geffen records and deciding that there has to be a crackdown on evil downloaders, we have this one.

Lord Fondlebum has had a nice meeting Colonel Gaddafi’s son, at the same Corfu villa. Then the Lockerby bomber who is dying from cancer, Ali al-Megrahi is now having his release considered.

All a vast coincidence, nothing to do with possible business contracts down in the line and it would be cynical in the extreme to point out the fact that Libya is swimming in oil.

Fondlebum as we all know has lived up the highests standards of public office, the fact he had to resign twice was just jolly bad luck.

Now is it me or is has he actually taken over the office of PM and is deciding the business of this land without either bothering with the House of Commons or the inept one eye'd snot muncher that has the post of PM?...

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