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New Labour failure.

It's a socialist nightmare come true.

SIX million people in Britain are living on unemployment benefits, shocking new figures revealed last night.

They mean that almost one in six of the working-age population is now on handouts instead of working for a living.

Now the reason for that is that under Labour they have ever extended the benefits net. Have children- your lifestyle choice - well Labour will give you money.

Then we have the fiasco of sick pay, a catch all that allows every dubious ailment to get one a higher rate of benefits. Bad back, wee bit of stress, some mystery ailment, well there you go have a large cheque.

Of course, Labour by royally screwing the economy have also throw millions of constructive people out of work. They have followed the fantasy pipe dream of "financial investment" being the future, rather than actually building stuff here in the UK.

Sadly it is the workers who find their place of employment closed down who fare the worst, the scroungers, illegals and assorted chav vermin milk the system. Tarring them with the same brush.

Police cannot be trusted to hand out on-the-spot fines for motoring offences, magistrates warned today.
They claim officers will 'misuse' the powers and force drivers to pay the fixed penalty notices when they have done nothing wrong.
In a scathing attack, the Magistrates Association said that by giving police powers to hand out fines for careless driving, innocent motorists will be penalised and guilty drivers will escape possible jail terms.
And as all the police are out issuing tickets, a pensioner is battered to death on the street in broad daylight. Remember that the next some Liebour filth MP tells you crime is falling.

You could also bring this case up as well. All they can claim is that it will somehow be worse under someone else.
A mother has written to magistrates in disgust after four teenagers who viciously attacked her son walked free from court.
Mary Jordan has demanded an explanation after the gang admitted to the unprovoked assault.
Oliver Jordan, 18, was taken to hospital after the group of 16-year olds, who had been drinking, battered him to the ground, kicking and punching him as he fell.
Each of them was given a six month referral order, which means they will have to appear before a youth offender panel which will suggest ways in which they can ‘repair the harm caused’.
But Mrs Jordan, a driver for a private car-hire company, dismissed the punishment and has condemned the sentence in a personal letter to the magistrates in which she accused them of giving a green light to street violence.
I would ask my local MP about rising crime but the Rt Hon. Paul Flynn MP censors comments on his webshyte so sadly we just get his rose tinted view of the world, something that every Labour MP with a website seems to do.

Oh and Jack Straw, the odious little dictator hand shaking wanker who ran a blog and yet failed completely to engage with anyone. Still awaiting my reply Mr Straw....


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