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Chris Patton going for a nice little earner.

Lord Patten, once commonly known as Chris Patten and current chancellor of Oxford University, the chap who closed down the british rule on Hong Kong has stated he would be interested in a senior position within the EU.

In short he would like to be the EU's first foreign minister. No election needed, no need to ask the fine folk of Europe, after all this is the EU a boys club where the members decide on who gets the job.

Still I fancy a crack at that, tell lots of grubby third world types to fuck the fuck off, slash aid budgets, give out cushy contracts in return for taking our rubbish or some other bung.

Graft, sleaze and shit loads of expenses. Hell I would rob them blind, after all its not like they ever even have the books signed off by the accountants. So who cares, its only taxpayers money. Should anyone ever look into the expenses, you can always get them fired.

Earn a huge wedge for some telly soundbites, be interview by fawning media whores like Nick "Toenails" Robinson on the BBC, have an army of minions to do all the real world.

Simples even an idiot could do it, after all Chris Patten is applying for the post...

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