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Bashing Bob Ainsworth, the game the whole nation can play.(mothballed vehicles)

Pic from The Sun, another brave British soldier was blown to pieces in Afghanistan yesterday (in a vehicle, as yet unspecified) - the 192nd victim, with no end in sight to the carnage. It continues:
Our troops are risking life and limb for a cause politicians insist is vital to the interests of UK security. If so, it needs to be waged with vigour, determination - and unswerving commitment. Without the wholehearted support of the state they are sent to defend, how can we ask our soldiers to fight and die for it?

Yet after eight bloody years, there is little evidence that anyone in power - from the Prime Minister down - has their heart in it.
Don't expect Bob "the knob" Ainsworth, to be doing anything. He is very busy attempting to reduce injury payments in the courts, far more important to a socialist beancounter than providing the troops with decent equipment.

I have done some bashing of Bob "the knob" before, here and also here. Bob who loves his expensesan has it in for the troops. Who can be compared to Gen. Melchett from Blackadder and who is overseeing the biggest defence cuts since the Crimea.

Bob also likes a moan:
"I'm such a victim, people attack me over my accent, my moustache... and because I'm no intellectual, moans Bob "the knob" Ainsworth.
No Bob they attack for the lack of moral fibre, the inability to do the job that he is paid a bloody good wage to do - unlike the troops on the front line who do a fine job despite the best efforts of Ainsworth to fuck it all up.

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