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Lord Taylor of Warwick - A fancy title for a common thief.

Yet another sodding peer stealing your money.

A TORY peer received more than £70,000 in parliamentary expenses by making claims that were apparently based on a “non-existent” main home.

Lord Taylor of Warwick claimed he lived with his sick mother in the Midlands until 2007, allowing him to claim overnight expenses while attending the House of Lords.

However, inquiries by The Sunday Times have established that his mother’s home was sold in 2001 and she died in the same year.

The findings raise serious questions about the probity of Taylor’s expense claims and are likely to prompt an investigation by the House of Lords authorities or the police.

Anyone else would - outside the privilaged realm of the peers/MP's - would have been taken in by the police and had to answer some rather awkward questions.

Don't expect this odious little thief to be seeing the inside of a jail cell, or even a court any time soon, despite his theft of your money. Still if all else fails he can always play the race card...

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