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Mohammed cartoon madness.

Well I thought that the Mo cartoons, which had all the kaftan wearing headchopping islamoloons in tizzy a few years back was over.

Apparently not so, Gates of Vienna points out:

I reported last night about the legal action mounted by a Saudi law firm — at the behest of Mohammed’s descendants — against the Danish newspapers that published Kurt Westergaard’s famous “Turban Bomb” cartoon.

A Danish newspaper industry association, acting on behalf of major dailies, is now swinging into action and will consult with the government about the issue. Our Danish correspondent TB has translated an article on the topic from today’s Ekstra Bladet:

DDF gets into Muhammad case

The Organization of Danish Dailies (DDF) will consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice after Saudi Arabia demanded an unconditional apology for the drawing.

DDF now get involved the latest incident of the Muhammad crisis, and will, during the coming week, make contact with both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, the CEO of the organization Ebbe Dahl states.

A Saudi lawyer demanded in a letter sent to about twelve Danish editors that they should by the end of September publicly regret and apologize for reprinting the controversial cartoon of the most well-known Muslim prophet back in February 2008. The reprint followed the revelation of murder plots against the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

The papers in a huge set-up must publish an unconditional apology in four languages —Arabic among others — because they have apparently hurt the feelings of the alleged descendants of the prophet Muhammad, the lawyer Faisal A.Z. Yamani from Jeddah demands. He suggest that it will damage Danish interests in the Middle East if the editors-in-chief do not obey. They must also promise that they will never again publish similar drawings or other material about the prophet Muhammad....
As ever I am more than happy to post a pic of Mo. When they stop lopping off heads, demanding ever more privlages and rights, flying planes into building, blowing themselves up in the name of Allah, killing womenfolk for wearing makeup or refusing to marry the local goatherder; then I shall lay off mocking the bandit Mohammed.

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Jayce Kay said...


Can I round it off with a message to the misogynistic desert bandit worshippers saying "You keep crying, we'll give you something to cry about"?

Ok, I will.

"You keep crying, we'll give you something to cry about"