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Why do we have to pay tax while we are out here?

The unelected snot muncher Gordoom, was on an impromptu trip to Afghanistan, an important part of his failing campaign to avoid total and utter disaster come election day.

Part of "Operation Chat to the Taliban", Gordon is planning on offering lots of lovely bribes to the Taliban whilst still not delivering on enough kit for the troops.

Well done, Lance Corporal Dean Byfield. He asked if he could put a question to the mono eye'd, pant pissing, snot eating, uses his kiddies for free PR, gutless fucking wanker who no cunt voted for, Labour leader:

"Why do we have to pay tax while we are out here?"

The snot gobbler PM was unable to answer instead it mumbled some platitudes before slinking off like the worthless coward it is.

Defense Sec. Bob "the knob" Ainsworth was not with him as Bob had some really important jobs to screw up in the MOD.

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