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MP's taking the piss.

Hat tip to GOT for this one.
Kevan Jones' attempt to smear General Sir Richard Dannatt on the grounds of 'expenses abuse' is both pathetic and hypocritical.

FOI requests show that General Dannatt claimed a total of £19,291 in expenses between April 1, 2005, and March 31 this year. However, during a similar period Bob 'The Knob' Ainsworth claimed £394,306 in Commons expenses and Kevan 'Lickspittle' Jones claimed a total of £454,324.

In fact take a look at any of the so called Rt. Hon. members of the House of Commons and there is hardly a one of them that claims less than £100,000 a year. That is on top of their wage as an MP, plus there are the huge holidays, all paid, the stonking great pension at the end of it as well as assorted backhanders from business interests.

Then when you try to debate with them the grafting evil cunts refuse to put your comments on their websites - yes I am talking about you Paul Flynn you utter fuckwit - or if they do like on Jack Straws "blog" they never fucking reply.

Not a one of them so called MP's are fit to clean a squaddies boots.

Oh do have a read of all seeing eye, who lays into the MP double standards.

I am sure that the message will be cleared by the new Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy MP, who will do her best in denying everything; it was all a mistake and that Gordon is God oh and Tories eat babies.

Although she won't be saying much on her crying about being hard done by. Much like she says nothing with regards her expenses.


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