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MP's living in fantasy land:Margaret Beckett MP's can afford to cover costs.

So Margaret Beckett who is need of an ugly bag in order to get a shag, claims that MP's can not afford to cover their costs and go's on the defensive in this sob fest.
She says:
“Political campaigns, by-elections, public functions or conferences, prizes, sponsorships and donations incur costs, not just in hundreds but probably totalling thousands of pounds, from the MP’s own pocket,” she said.
“The effect of a number of the ideas which have been proposed could be to require even greater sacrifice of families and family life — a sacrifice fewer people may, in time, feel able or prepared to make,” Mrs Beckett wrote to Sir Christopher.
“The words baby and bathwater spring to mind.”
The words pig and trough leap to my mind. Seriously though, do you really believe that you are hard done by Margaret? Do you believe you deliver good value for the taxpayers pound, in fact do not think that there are areas of excess that you could cut back on?

Right but the point is Margaret as MP's deliver a poor service in value for money terms, why should we be forced to pay for your perks, let me give you as an example the mortgage rescue scheme.
Margaret Beckett admitted that the £285million package had helped just two owners to hold on to their properties.
Gosh 2 people and the plan cost £285 million. Hardly good value for money there.

Then you could always cut back on the taxpayer funded perks.
The housing and planning minister found herself in trouble with the fees office when she submitted the claim in 2006, which covered “the supply of plants for hanging baskets, tubs, pots, planters, pouches and garden”, and another £711 for “labour and materials for painting of summer house, shed and pergola”.
As well as
Mrs Beckett, 66, claimed second home allowances of £72,537 for her constituency home in Derby in the four years between 2004 and 2008, despite having no mortgage or rent to pay on the property.
Oh and then there is the case of you keeping perks when no longer a minister.
MARGARET BECKETT is receiving round-the-clock police protection and the use of chauffeur-driven cars despite being removed as foreign secretary two years ago.

The housing minister and veteran Labour MP has insisted on retaining a full team of security officers and use of two government cars since 2007 when she was moved from the top diplomatic post by Gordon Brown.
Might save a few quid if you have to cut back on that little lot. The annual cost of Beckett’s police security is estimated at £250,000, while the cost of using the two cars is likely to increase her total bill to taxpayers by an extra £50,000 a year.

But the biggest single cost was the £500 million in Eu fines, fines that the UK had to pay and over which she was slated by a Parliamentary committee over her handling of Eu farm subsidies in 2006.

Then there was that infamous fuckup when Beckett compared climate change sceptics to advocates of Islamic terror. Neither, she said, should have access to the media.

Gosh what a brain this woman has, thinking that people who disagree with her views are the same as Islamist fucknuts who blow up buses and tube trains in London.

Perhaps the most telling part is this bit, when her expenses claims were reduced, Margaret complained and when the official cut £1,311 from Mrs Beckett’s total claim of £15,211.21 for work on her house.

So this was her response: “We live in an old cottage – not the beautiful, strong, stone-built type, but the kind of thing you throw together for the farmworkers from the bricks you had when you knocked down the pigsty – and it requires a good deal of maintenance and repair.”

So £64K as basic MP, more as a minister, **free travel, free food, mortgage interest, utilities claimed back, telly license claimed back on and on it go's.

So lets see Beckett talking down to the plebs over her expenses:
Now for some mockery from me.
Its strange that when times are hard -thanks to Margaret and co screwing up the economy- that we are told to cut back, thrown on the dole and lose our homes and goods as the bailiffs come around. Yet MP's demand ever more perks, privileges and an ever larger share of our money.

Some animals are most definitely more equal than others.

Go fuck yourself Beckett. Serious fuck off and die you grasping champagne swilling cunt.
**the use of the word free means free for the MP, claimed on expenses and paid for by the rest of us.

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