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Nat West - Bloody useless home insurance.

Bejesus, sodding useless hoons. Put a claim in, had the old its excluded b/s and so decided to cancel the insurance.

Even that was a jolly jape being passed from pillar to sodding post, from one 0845 number to another 0845; whilst listening to tedious hold musac.

Best part of a sodding hour in all dealing with bean counting hoons who read a script on the screen and yet despite all their talk are 'unable to think outside the box' and actually deal with a customer complaint.

Anyway will be calling someone else later on to sort out contents insurance, Nat West can whistle for their premiums and although a complaint has been put in I am not holding my breath on anything more than some nice platitudes off of them.

What I really loved was the bored tones, the computer says no attitude, followed by the "its says so in your policy documents" excuses.

So they can do nothing for me, despite being more than happy to take the money each month. Indeed the only thing that they did do without any hassle today was actually to get the policy cancelled.
Times like this you wish you were a Labour MP and able to blag a new washing machine on expenses!

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