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Hilary Benn - States the bleedin obvious.

Oh for God's sake. How stupid does this utter fool think the voters are?
The Minister for paperclips, sorry The Environment is saying we should all ignore the sell by dates an give our food a good sniff. Just to see if it has actually, well gone off and stop us all dying.

Apparently he blames most of the waste on supermarket labeling, forgetting that their labels are in fact based on EU dictates/HM govt rules in the first place.

Brilliant doublespeak on his part, force the supermarkets to follow a set of rules, then blame them for following the rules. New Labour speak at its finest!

And, in a major speech today, he will call on householders to 'dig for victory' and grow vegetables in their back gardens.

Well thats a great idea, except I live in a flat. No garden, maybe I could claim one on expenses, or is claiming shit just for MP's?

Anyone else feel this is the last faint glow of the fag end government burning out - thats burning out in a designated smoking area mind you.

Oh lets not forget that Benn is a veggie who is in charge of the meat industry.

He is also the tool behind this governments recycle or get a fine from the bin Stasi campaign.
Then there was a cash sleaze story, involving a payment of £5000 on 22nd June 2007: David Abrahams donates £5,000 directly to Hilary Benn's deputy leadership campaign.

A champagne socialist, he is happy to be one of 30 grafting spivs with family on the payroll.

He also loves the idea of ever rising taxes on the evil motor car.

Benn wants to open up the coastline to ramblers, but not on the champagne socialists own estate.

Still blowing money, especially other peoples comes very easy to him...

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TheBigYin said...

The mans a grade "A" prick Fido, why you waste your words on him I don't know.