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Nat West - Open Saturday: Shatwest.

Thanks to GOT for the above poster that shall be seeing much posting until the bastards pay out on the claim.
The mockery of this poor bank, with its rather shoddy contents insurance that tells me to fuck the fuck off when I have the nerve to actually make a bloody claim.

More mockery of Nat West, parodies of their logo's and assorted abuse as an when I can be bothered.

Still cheers again Nat West for wasting my time, effort and the money I was paying each month for contents insurance with you.

Update, buying a new machine on Friday. Scraped together the money to get one, sadly unlike Paul Flynn and other MP's I can not claim one on expenses.

The bill will be sent to Nat West, followed by a visit to the small claims court if I have not heard anything back within 2 weeks.

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