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New Labour "justice" in action: Chris Minihan tough on smokers and tough on the causes of...

I mentioned here the case of Chris Minihan who was taken to court for "smoking" a fake cigarette. A legal product.

So despite not smoking a real cigarette, he has - get this for a bizarre legal decision - been found guilty of the health crime of smoking.

Yesterday Chris Minihan, from Liverpool was found guilty of a smoking offence with no tangible evidence and was fined £715.00 including costs, accused of smoking, flicking ash - impossible with an e-cigarette - and throwing a stub away - also impossible with that product.

According to her dubious account he was spotted by Halton Council enforcement officer Yvonne Taylor, the court heard.

Ms Taylor told magistrates she watched his arm come in and out of the window with a cigarette, which got smaller on each occasion. Really?!

"I could clearly see smoke emitting from the cab and the motion of him flicking ash," she said.
"I then observed the cigarette stub flying from the driver's hand on to the grassed area below."

Ms Taylor visited Minihan's employer, Neston Town Cleaning Limited, two weeks later to present the fixed penalty notices.

The problem here is that, the prosecution do not need troublesome facts like evidence. They failed to produce any.

No ash, no stub, no nice photos and we all know how the state employed nazis love snapping us, even if they accuse us of being terrorists should we photograph them.

She was laughingly described as a credible witness by the chairman of the bench despite this lack of any tangible evidence, after all this was the case of the state backing up a state employee against a member of the public.

Thankfully, Mr Minihan is lodging an appeal and may take the appeal all the way to the European courts of human rights.

The cuntcil officials stated Mr Minihan had been offered the opportunity to pay the fines but had declined and opted for court action and the council will continue to enforce the legislation on littering and smoking in accordance with national guidelines and council policy.

So there you go, get accused of a crime, the state now needs no evidence to haul you up before the justices, fine you and claim they were right in doing so.

So for all the cuntcil officials, paper clip shufflers, PCSO's, pointless enforcement wankers and others who love pushing about, criminalising taxpayers who pay your wages.

Its time to celebrate this small victory, so do have a sing along to this little ditty.
Also a doff of the cap to freedom-2-choose who has also covered this.

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