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George Ferguson columnist and cunny.

A dof of the cap to Bristold Dave for this one.

Minor hack Ferguson decides to take a large dose of Jock cock and spout his eco mania here:
Jeremy Clarkson is an environmental menace. He is also an unbelievably rude man – raising cheap laughs by calling our Prime Minister totally unacceptable and unprintable names.

Whatever anyone may think of Gordon Brown, his policies, or leadership qualities, it is clear to me that he is driven by a sense of public service and principles derived from his Scottish Presbyterian upbringing.

He may make mistakes but he is a fundamentally decent man.
Decent man? Oh seriously, the moral compass has long since fucked off and died. The man is and remains an utter cunt, desperate for power and the trappings of power.

Then he switches to treehugger mode:
Every day that I move around Bristol I am amazed by the number of oversized gas-guzzling vehicles and four-wheel drive "Clifton tractors" that still inhabit our roads, in the almost certain knowledge of the damage they are doing to the environment on both a local and global scale.

The time has come for Bristol to lead the way with radical action to drive such ludicrous vehicles off our streets – but it seems the car lobby has friends as powerful as its vehicles.

Does Bristol have the power, and the guts, to make such a change that will affect a small minority in favour of the rest of us?

I would have absolutely no fear about banning these monsters from our city streets.
Ah yes a ban, how very New Labour. His cuntitude springs forth like an open well. But he gets better, by that I mean of course worse:
I hear this week that Nottingham is to charge for workplace parking. This is a move that Bristol could do well to emulate, and with it I would bring in charging bands, with the larger, more fuel-hungry cars paying at least double the standard rate, and small, efficient cars paying half, or nothing at all.
Yes what a great idea, a travel tax, a tax with no representation, a tax that will in time be extended as all new taxes are to everyone. Another cost on the workers, a cheap political stunt to harvest eco votes and sod the cost to those who have to pay it.

What a cunt, no wonder local papers are dying off with cunts like that scribbling for them.

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