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New Labour logic on unemployment.

Having a chat today with someone who works in the jobcentre over training. Each day he sees people come in and ask for training and has to turn them away.

Apparently there is no budget for it and despite people asking to be re-trained, there are only a few small "core projects" on the go.

These tend to hoover up the long term unemployed after a certain amount of time, in short whenever HM Govt wants to put across the message that it is acting to reduce long term unemployment by offering training.

So if you are just out of work, you are on your own.

It also came across that a lot of this was gesture politics, taking those who did not want to work under threat of losing benefits if they refuse and keeping them on a "make work" training scheme for a while. Then at the end they go back to signing as before.

The main problem is that for many unemployed who want to say retrain or upskill, the answer is quite simply no. No money, no courses and no help from Labour.

So despite all the talk of doing things, this government has failed those who it is (in part) responsible for making unemployed due to economic policies.

They will pay the giro every two weeks and the housing every month, month after month yet fail to invest in the workforce, or should that be non-work force.

When will Labour grasp that training those who actually ask for training and want to find a job - rather than the ones who have sat on the dole for donkeys years and only take a course in order to keep benefits- is the best way to go?

What a shamefull waste by this government of potential skills and people.

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Anonymous said...

Bang on the money pal, Emma Harrison of A4e has become a multi-millionaire on the back of the British tax-payer by forcing the work-shy onto shitty training courses they neither want or need.

This government would rather pay her £194 a week for 13 weeks, whilst still paying the doley their benefits...

Wheres the sense in that?!

No doubt Harrison will be offered a peerage at some point in the near future!