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Uber-shit Rt Hon. Paul Flynn MP, on the Libyan bomber being freed.

I shall let this crass MP dig his own hole. The following is from his webshyte.

We’ve sucked this orange dry.

Why go on bellyaching about the freeing of the ‘Libyan bomber'?. The deed is done and it’s not going to be undone. Now we have deafening chorus of vacuous waffle and political posturing.

Gosh really? A mere 8 years and its off home you go mate. Maybe he was given a bunch of banana's from Foreign Sec. David Miliband to see him on his way.

I would think that 270 dead people is something worthy of some "political posturing", indeed maybe even getting a tad angry about. Especially when the killer is let free to spend his last months with his loved ones, something that he chose to deny 270 other families.

Anyway back over to Paul Flynn MP:

The state of play is: -

Everyone is against the high profile welcome.

POSTURE ONE: Half the attention-seekers are beating their chests saying, ‘ We believe in compassion more than you do'.

POSTURE TWO: The other half are beating their chests saying, ‘We are tougher on terrorists than you are.’

All pointless twaddle. The story is dead, give it a decent burial.

No Flynn the story is not dead, 270 people are dead and the terrorist who killed them is free. When he dies he will get a decent burial, something denied many on the Pan Am flight due to their bodies being blown apart in a high altitude explosion.

Still no doubt when thanks to Lord Mandelson doing a behind the stair deal, a cushy oil contract is signed with Libya; Paul Flynn will no doubt give Colonel Gaddafi his thanks in an EDM.

Then we have the behaviour of the PM, odd at the best of times. As storys of deals and agreements between the UK and Libya hit the media, Col. Gaddafi's son blabbing to the Worlds media where was Gordon? Not a peep from him, well other than to surface and congratulate the English cricket team on winning the Ashes!

How strange that that Paul Flynn feels he has to bleat about war dead in Iraq/Afghanistan and yet wants to cover up/draw a line under his parties involvement in freeing a mass murdering monster.

Tell you what Mr Flynn why don't you just get your aged flaccid penis out and piss on the graves of the dead from Pan Am flight 103, oh sorry my mistake you just did on your webshyte; you utter cunt.

I have also covered that here
Newport deserves better than Paul Flynn.

2 people have spoken:

Doctor Octavius said...

They guy is a hero in lybia because he did 8 years for a crime he didn't commit.
The Iranians paid a palistinian liberation group a big chunk of cash to swap their cia heroin suitcase for a bomb.For revenge after the uss vincennes shot down an iranian airliner a year before lockerbie.
You are foaming at the mouth because pavlov rang his bell.
RIP danny casolaro.

Anonymous said...

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