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Nice "work" if you can get it: Lord Sheldon nets £130,000 in expenses from Lords.

Whilst the economy dives into freefall, whilst workers lose their jobs, whilst aid is poured forth into the third world and our boarders are open to all comers - unless your a Gurkha in which case Labour act attempt to act tough - the peers are stealing huge sums of cash.

THE former chairman of a parliamentary financial watchdog has claimed more than £130,000 in expenses from the House of Lords by designating as his “main home” a house he gave to his son six years ago.

Lord Sheldon, who chaired the public accounts committee for 14 years, lives with his wife in London but said his main residence was his former family home in Manchester.

The semi-detached suburban property has been owned since 2003 by his son Terry, who lives there with his wife, Carol.

When a reporter telephoned the house several days ago, Carol said: “It was his [Lord Sheldon’s] house, but his son and I live here . . . it’s ours, and he is welcome here every time. This is where he always stays, of course.”

Another candidate for an irate mob and a hemp noose.

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