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Race riots - The Balkanization of the UK continues.

The Balkanization of the UK continues at an ever increasing speed. Thanks to 12 years of New Labour open door policies.

No doubt the chap below will be arrested for possession of a white skin and objecting to receiving a sound kicking at the hands of moslem savages and their dhimmi supporters.
Thanks to Labours open door policy we now have riots on the streets, that's an open door policy to former inmates of Club Gitmo, jihadists, fuck nut clerics, drug dealers, Yardie gangstas, Roma people smugglers, Pikeys and East European mafia.

Although they do try to act tough if your an OAP Gurkha who actually did something for this land.
Here we see some of the fine citizens engaged in multicultural activities with the natives. These are the same fine, upstanding citizens that former share dealer and head of the head of Immigration quango Keith Best claimed were better than us natives.

Still that would be the same Keith Best, former Tory MP and jailed share dealer who is now firmly on the quango gravytrain.

One commentator said 'You had people burning the Union flag. People were being kicked - some of them weren't anything to do with the protests. Well savages see a white skin/infidel and that's enough, not that they are racist, that is as we all have been informed a white/non moslem only crime.
No doubt the BBC and other pet media will ensure that all the blame is landed on the hideously white people of this land.

We are as we have been told, oh so often just not tolerant enough. Maybe Labour would care to just set up a Islamic caliphate and have done with it, turn us all into the slaves of their beloved migrants.

Still move along now, nothing to see here..

Nothing on BBC Pravda as yet, waiting for the -pardon the expression - "whitewash" of events.

Meanwhile fellow moslem fucknuts are even stopping England from playing Badminton now.

And a senior judge faces the sack after saying that 'hundreds of thousands of immigrants' come to Britain to receive generous welfare payments.

Remember a chant of "England" is now fascism on an English street is now enough reason for a kicking. Free speech is fine if one is either pro-Islam or a leftie boot boy wanker with a small cock.

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