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Note to defenders of the NHS.

Look first up it is not free, it costs each an every person -if they use it or not -money taken via taxes. Have private healthcare if you like but our system will still tax you for the NHS.

Now as far as I can see, having paid taxes for well over twenty years and hardly ever coming down with anything more than a case of booze induced "man flu" that requires a day or so of feeling sorry for oneself, vowing never again and a half ton of industrial strength painkillers.

Painkillers paid for by me from Abduls corner shop. I for one have paid in for a system that so far I have taken the grand total of fuck all out of.

I even pop down an give blood, worth doing if only for the fun you can have winding up Jehovah's Witnesses when they knock the door on a Sunday afternoon. Oh an you might save someones life as well.

Still I have no problem with my tax money helping folk who need operations and the like, but providing sticks an 24/7 healthcare for benefit drawing taxi drivers in Merthyr Tydfil is however taking the piss.

Yes the NHS is "free at the point of use", a system that encourages folk to turn up clogging up the waiting rooms with the wee ones at the slightest sniffle. Having no connection with the costs, the feckless, the doomsayers who see a spot of avian flu/swine flu as the new black death will decent on the doc in a mass panic.

Before we allow the NHS to set up on a pedestal like some new God, we need to realise that it is in need of reform.

First off it is overstaffed, the fact that it pays well over a billion quid to administrators and bean counters a year proves that.

Secondly the compo culture that has taken over the UK, along with the "its my human rights innit'" culture is costing the NHS, or more correctly the taxpayers ever more money. Simple fact is that accidents happen, on occasions shit happens and folk die. That is not to say that inept fuckers should be let off the hook but the millions paid out on often minor claims is quite frankly taking the piss.

Then we have what the NHS is for, stress well pop down the docs for some pills and get signed off, have a bad back well off you go and you can get sick pay an keep on driving the taxi. Have an odd shaped nose, claim its ruining your life an the taxpayers pick up the tab, same for folk with lumps, bumps and those who want to flip their sex.

If Brian wants to become Waynetta then let him/her pay the fuck for it.

My main point here is daft fuckers like BBC Pravda reporters need a swift kick in the cunt, each and every time that they bang on about the free NHS.

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